Yoga For Abs For Beginners – 10 Minute Abs Workout

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Stretch, strengthen, and sweat with this yoga for abs workout for beginners.

Wondering about the benefits of yoga? Try yoga for your abs.

Aside from strengthening your lower back and training your muscles to prevent injuries, yoga is amazing for your core.

Forget crunches. You’re going to sculpt your way to a sixpack with long, lean motions that strengthen and tone at the same time.

You’ll be working your abs with full range of motion exercises that hit your upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and all of your stabilizing muscles at the same time.

That’s the secret to yoga and that’s the secret to that long lean muscular look.

Build muscle. Lose weight. And get ripped abs. Even if you can’t touch your toes. That’s the Body By Yoga way. Find out more on our website and get more free yoga workouts at

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Deanna says:

Great workout. I just ordered your book and dvd from amazon

Christopher Wheeler says:

Great workout Dean. Very good for my wife and I at mid forties and rather soft. Your workouts have been our first and favorite power yoga fitness endeavor. Your teaching is very clear especially seeing we have no yoga background. We love that you use simple to understand terms. Keep up the good work. We are telling our friends about your workouts.

Dinis Teixeira says:

Great ab workout. I modified some of the poses because of my lower back and completed the workout.

Edgar Galarza says:

this is my first time doing yoga I would to learn more about yoga . please feel free to send me tips

Chris Lingard says:

Nice quick ab workout.  It can be as hard as you want it to be.  I had my 10 year old do it today and it was a struggle, but he felt good for completing it.

Bill Oliver says:

Great video.  Do you have one for the lower back?

Icey Blaze says:

Slow down some ,great

Joe Anthony Morales says:

Great video. Only one suggestion you should include the different levels to do the postures. It will be useful for more advance yogis.

Sugato Dutt says:

Love the video. Your form is just GREAT. Just a bit puzzled about the exhaling and inhaling since both sound the same sometimes. Wondered if you could add in outward and inward arrows or just a recognizable pattern. Thanks a ton!!

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