XHIT – Core Workout: How to Start Your Six Pack

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Taras Kobets says:

I am using Unflexal instructions to all my workouts ideas 🙂

Alexandra Esmond says:

I did this strait after the muffin top melter (not the crazy one), and those went really well together!

Are you ever gonna release a workout DVD or post 30min workouts on your channel?😁❤ #lyalways

Caroline Wever says:

I love this! <3 I'm doing this work-out now every second day and I can already see results after 1 month! What I like to do as a modification for the jack knives is keeping the legs in the air as I alternate them and using some weights for the arms and holding them up high that's really nice too! 🙂

FlowerInAdversity says:

Any advice for the neck pain during these exercises? I understand it will start to ache because of holding your head up during the workout but I'm worried mine is a little more painful than it should be x

Lightup With Jenna says:

I have been doing this for about 6 months and I've seen a change and I'm not stoping now

veroniwiwa says:

Hi! Im trying to work on my abs, and I want to say I really enjoy your videos, finnaly something fun, short and I can say a reeeeally feel that burning 😀 I would like to ask you, how many of your videos should I exercise per day to get at least a little bit visible six pack? 
Thank you! 🙂

jessica jessica says:

If my stomach does bot burn would that mean im in shape or out of shape… Or am i doing it all wrong??

Angelina Jolie says:

If you seriously want to lose weight, you should google Fat Blast Furnace. They will help you get the body you deserve.

the briannapringle says:

Stumick hurts

charlotte finch says:

really good i want  a six pack iv been trying really good all day

Amrita P says:

Does this help with losing belly fat too? If so, how long will it take to get skinnier?

Card Collector 10 says:

I'd never thought I'd say it but it's actually working

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