XHIT – Best Lower Ab Workout

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Odd Do says:

I have to restart because I just ate some oreos.

롈예 says:

영어 빆에ㅠㅠ

ミ끼혡낭자 says:

이거하고 헉헉 살이5크램 빠졌다능 고맙습니담~~

Ella van Dorst says:

Does this make you thinner??

Sam Janjua says:

Any tips to reduce lower back pain that occurs due weak core muscles, while doing this workout ?

Sarah Rose says:

Great job! Don't worry about the time. It takes time to workout & care for your body. Also, no medicine ball today. I used my purse 🙂

Kathryn says:

My muscles keep tensing up when I workout, is that normal? What should I do?

Bahar Khedri says:

You are amazing! Love your workouts, I've been following you for the past year and I've seen very good results for myself!!! Awesome !

Iram S says:

Can you do these exercises daily?

Pat Leo says:

I used my cat….. Is that okay…? Does that count as animal abuse?

Ryan S says:

i feel die!!!!!!!

prasannafy says:

trainers and people like these who can talk while doing these grueling workouts are out of the world !! 

Perry Kitten says:

Since I don't have a medicine ball, I'm using my tablet instead.
I'd turn on this video on the tablet, listen to what Kelsi's saying, and follow along 😀

Perry Kitten says:

Those V-crunches are killing me!!!!

Rowena Alcantara says:

I've always had trouble with ab workouts involving lifting my legs. Something in my lower back cracks. Any tips?

DustBunny says:

Should your back be arched when you do all of these?

Hannah Sheldon says:

This doesn't help my abs at all!! It's more of a leg workout

Niki Sylvia says:

I love these videos. But I wish at the beginning of each one of would tell you what equipment is needed for the upcoming video. Thanks!

Kirsten Bergmann says:

These workouts are amazing I got addicted and started watching 4 episodes a day I have really improved!

Bloom Vevitatis says:

Omg this one is HARD for me, but hoping I'll stay strong. Cheers ✌️

Heavenleigh Cole says:

I've been doing these exercises for about two weeks along with cardio by dancing and although I see results in my an area I'm also experiencing intense back pain….I don't know how to stop this and am afraid to continue less I permanently damage it

Tamara Faber says:

I'm 13, and I use this?!!!! (;

Amy Husein says:

I want to lose my belly, how often do I do this work out weekly.

meminemy1 says:

I have just started doing abs 2 days back and i have pain in my lower abdomen area whenever i try to lie down. Just want to know if that's okay or am i doing something wrong?

Hailey Huizenga says:

I loved the variation of reverse crush with the medicine ball! I don't have one, so I used my 501 French Verbs textbook. Gotta make it work. 🙂

Laura Belmonte says:

Thank you!! Ps. My workout time is 5:15 am 🙂

Juhi Singh says:

from tis video,these exercises are really effective…i like it

Gheed Al Zubaidi says:

i love doing this workout so much, i at least do it once a week
but why does my lower back arch when i do the v crunches?
(i've been working out for 3 years, i'm fit)

smart fitness says:

very good exercises . i feel happy watching you as a very fit girl . thanks for the video

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