XHIT – 5 Minute Ab Workout

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Carolina Vasquez says:

knew she was gonna kick my ass when i heard the accent! lol but this was great! no reason i shouldn't do this everyday. 

Miyeon Lee says:

I often watch your abs&butt workout videos and they're always great! I'm just hoping I can get fit body soon! Thank you 🙂

TheKarlez says:

I absolutely love you Rebecca Louise. A bunch of my girlfriend's and I watch your videos to get fit, we're always talking about your fun and encouraging comments. Thanks for the motivation!

adr cue says:

How many calories can i burn with this?

crsntz2 says:

Nice! Can you add how many calories,for your workouts, are burned please?

Anyeli Arias says:

I love this it looks so easy but it's a good work out I've done it for months and … I'll tell you it works!!!!

paczuga says:

full make up. 😐

Eden Balbachan says:

Is this enough to get the abs? 5 minutes a day? 

ekstazy says:

Great! Gonna wake up 5m earlier each day now to do this first thing in the morning 🙂

Tram Le says:

Really help! Thank you so much!

Iryna Koziy says:

can you girls do a chest work out for women!!<3

Bay Hester says:

This was intense. omg

cynthia amina says:

how long till you see results ?

Jake says:

You won't even get your heart going. Not even a mouse on a wheel. Sevens the key number here. Think about it. 7/11's. seven dwarves. Seven man. Seven chipmunks twirlin' on a branch, eating lots of sunflowers on my uncles ranch. You know that old tale from the sea. It's like you're dreaming of gorganzola cheese when it's clearly bree time baby!

… Step into my office. Cause you're fucking fired!

Tara Vollmar says:

just did this! ok but i want a little more challenge though 😉

Martine Dorrestein says:

love this video! maybe you can make a week programe and tell us which video we've to do every day so we can train everything!:)

SYLVIE23 says:

I would like a program with calendar to improve all muscles. Thank you !

Molly says:

First comment whoop love your videos x

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