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WORLD’S HARDEST AB WORKOUT – 5 MIN ABNORMAL CHALLENGE. This video is a follow along body weight ab workout. Try to do every exercises back to back without rest. If you cant don’t worry pause the vid take a short rest and continue on. This is a challenge and should be hard so do your best!! Remember to keep a PPT (Posterior Pelvic Tilt at all times!!). This will prevent injury and stimulate your abs more. When done with correct form and technique these exercise will no doubt strengthen your core. Comment on what you think about the video and whether you want to see more of these videos or any other suggestions will help so I can make better content for you guys! Like, share, subscribe and I shall see you guys next week with another video 🙂


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farouk Gouri says:

My new workout channel love it

Rick Calderon says:

This is a great workout! Hope to see more. I will say on thing. The hold threw me off cause I wasn’t looking at the video. I didn’t know you were doing exercises between holds. So I just held lol.

Hector Day says:

idk why but you look really similar to brad pitt

сфинксы пудины says:

My new goal is to get this done.. could barely reach the 2 min mark
My abs suck

Touwa Erio says:

Nice!! felt the abs burn when trying it

Heavenoaknight123 says:

13 year old girl and I didn’t stop once

BenBrown says:

Can you do multiple sets of this?

Sehej Chugh says:

After a few weeks of my core being battered, i can finally do the whole thing without stopping! It still burns like hell though


Bro my one side ab is not well appeared compare to another side but why plz help😇😇😇

ItzE Money says:

Good workout and the hold position is easy!

You Tube says:

That shit kicked my ass but I needed this

Oracio Zamora says:


Leo Hayart says:

Very efficient I do it almost every time I train my abs, thank you for your good work!

Giovany Teixeira says:

How many seconds in each exercise?????

mantas pilipuitis says:

I can do this with about 30 second rest in the middle of workout. Does that mean that I have weak abs?

Ahmad Tamim Yosufi says:

Omg I actually made it barrely

Kzx Gamer says:

Wow it's super cool

Aegon says:

i love you. best workout youtube

A R says:

Thanks a ton! More abs workouts to don🤙

Android 4.1 says:


Football Haven says:

How many sets like how many times should I do this

Football Haven says:

OMG FINALLY an AB workout that burns

tan brew says:

@abnormal_beings is this your ab routine? or do you need to do much more to maintain your abs?

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