Workout Tip #5: How do I work my lower abs?

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Iron Man magazine writer Doug Brignole (Mr. America Winner and Exercise Biomechanics Specialist) answer reader questions about proper exercise techniques. Today’s exercise video how-to focuses on the lower abs. Sorry! Spot reduction is impossible. You also need to get rid of fat in the lower abdomen before you see any abdominal muscle tone.

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Eric Adrien says:

I like how this guy was real af

SucceedorDie says:

U can build muscles in you abs dumbass

Skid says:

Then how come some people have their right ab bigger than the left?

Darzell Jolliff says:

how long should I work abs

Pt Maju says:

do more cardio and watch your diet… thats the point.. thank you

Gin Ichimaru says:

thank you…..cardio it is but I don't wanna fade…lose muscle mass

Kyran McAuley says:

The question was how to I work my lower abs not how do I see them so you taught me nothing

Tensae moges says:

Best advice ……

Micheal Grabosch says:

the vein in both his arms are freaking me out man

Gavin Schenck says:

Very helpful, informative, and to the point video!

sun9woo says:

Shut the f up

Jurgen Escobar says:

Mr. Smart ass…

mustikus cinta says:

its use splimen??

Osman Ali says:

this was the best advice i have ever heard

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