Work Out Your Abs While Sitting

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Chances are that you sit a lot during the day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little ab work in while you are sitting. Working your abs while sitting is actually much easier to do than you would think! In this video, Bowflex Fitness Advisor, Tom Holland, gives you three simple ab exercises you can use to tone your abs while sitting.

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Dan Ramirez says:

if only i can do this in class without looking really out of place.

Shaiyino Mendoza says:

The is a chair Americans sit on a couch lmaooo “lazy American”

The fantastic One says:

It’s Spider-Man

Sina says:

Really cool! Thx a lot

Brandon Carson says:

I did this in class and i kicked my friends saggy sack

This is Cutie Ringo Joy says:

Why am I watching mins workout at 3am, what am I doing with my life

preeti rawat says:

I m feeling burn in my thighs not in stomach area…🙄

Vanessa Hoyt says:

I'm gonna do this while I poop 😁😂

Gary Chan says:

how long I have to do because I am getting tired so easy

Absol says:

Does this lose belly fat?

Jess says:

I did this everytime I sit down for longer then 20 minutes,'I'm seeing a huge improvement. ABS ARE STARTING TO FORMMM

Zoya Syed says:

Does this help reduce the lowermost abs?

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