What Does A Six Pack Mean?

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Why can’t you see your abs? What does it take and just what does it mean? Today’s video addresses a questions from a 17 year old.

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Jenna Chittum says:

Love your videos ✌🏼

Fahad S Sikder says:

The first time you talked details and actual things, most videos you talk just general stuff like every other youtuber. Thankyou very much for the detailed breakdown. I wish someone told me these when i was younger, I still don't know and I'm learning. I just wish your training was cheaper and affordable. (i emailed on your site).

lord vass says:

Problem these days;
People want results to quickly, or lose 5 pounds a week, have six pack or put 10 pounds of lean muscle in two months.
Who lives in a 1000 calories a day? STARVING your self just affect your health, Give time. Hard work, WORKS!

steven doster says:

That's great advice for anyone especially young people! 1000 calories isn't enough for anyone! EAT KID! You're nowhere near done growing!

Ryan Scuba Rhino says:

Paul 1 mill let's Go!


God Bless!

Kj Balla says:

Good Carbs or Bad carbs ?

koban4max says:

It means i’m lean…and yes it worth it

Burhan Uddin says:

Coach Paul all the way! Wish I knew at a younger age as I was close to this situation and didn't have the correct knowledge but what would you recommend for someone who has low ab muscle mass, the best method to build abs?the frequency, and should I focus on weighted abs or is free weight also good enough to build?

wynne baker says:

Great video man! What would be the best carbs to eat for a six pack? …….Btw, I'm for auburn this weekend!…… ROLL TIDE!

Stefan Babij says:

Getting abs isnt too difficult. Its maintaining them which is hard 🙂

Cynthia hackett says:

Great video! I did keto and it was so hard to get in my heavy training and recover. As soon as I added carbs Back in, I actually recomp my body right away and dropped weight. Thank goodness this guy found you! He came to the right person for advice!!!!

ironikz gaming says:

would the same apply to a sixteen year old with 15% BF? I did the same thing this kid did 2 years and got absolutely shredded but I gained it all back in two days and am now skinny fat because of my disaster of a cut 2 years ago made me lose muscle. is a surplus still a good idea if my body fat is elevated after my rebound?

Crifward Davo says:

Cringe intro music Lol

Lyd Fit says:

You’re amazing Paul ! I really hope you’ve help this kid 😃 hope he’s listening !

Bob Jones says:

Great advice for the kids.Grow first and eat eat the eat more small meals more often.Muscle first .Young active people should be able to burn calories easily

Krzysztof Wiewióra says:

Really enjoying part of my day while walking after work and I am able to watch your video;) Great output as usual good job keep Going very appreciated,;) according to topic having 6 pack isn't easy at all but is should be mostly results of your passion you shouldn't do everything to get it

Logan Colburn says:

Do you have any experience with Layne Norton's PSMF (RFL) Diet? Would you ever suggest it?

Courtney McFarland says:

I always wonder if I stunted my growth by having an eating disorder and severely restricting calories in my teens… how many inches taller might I be if I hadn’t done that?? Also would I be smarter now? Because starving your body starves your brain too… 🤔🤔🤔

Tx240 says:

Not to take anything away from what Paul said, but the guy asking the question should watch every Athlean X vid relating to nutrition and really focus on a sustainable nutrition and workout regimen. He's also got some killer ab workouts to build those muscles as well as other core related muscles.

Carbs aren't bad. They're just fuel. 1000 calories a day isn't sustainable and besides possible negative effects on growth, it could harm testosterone production which would be terrible for a 17 year old trying to have a defined, masculine physique.

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