Weight Training : How to Do Sit-Ups on the Bench

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You don’t need to be sitting on a floor to do sit-ups. Do sit-ups on the bench with help from a long time personal trainer in this free video clip.

Expert: Bryan Francis
Contact: www.stupidgymshit.com
Bio: Bryan Francis has been a successful personal trainer for over 11 years now, and has achieved numerous advanced credentials, which has allowed him to work with high school and professional athletes.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Series Description: Weight training can be a great way to work out all areas of your body, from your shoulder muscles all the way down to your hamstrings. Find out all you need to know about weight training with help from a longtime personal trainer in this free video series.

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Andrew Trader says:

Forgot why i was watching this..shes hot

it’s Angie Baby says:

I’ve seen someone doing these with weights 😳

V Bandeira says:

She's gorgeous! What's her Insta?

bremenfan29 says:

Sit ups are really bad for your lumbar spine. You’re putting a lot of pressure on L5. It’s pinching the disc

SF TV says:

I wish that part of her pants was my mouth

Adjako Asabuta says:

great tips , thank

imabit2lil says:

How come my lower my back hurts so badly when i do these!? :< when i go back down my butt is all bunched up and my back hurts 😭

Oh i was going all the way up hahahahaha never miiiiiiiind

QuakerxD says:

personal trainers just watch this and get money x)

QuakerxD says:

LOL my friend says opposite, thats why hes back hurts x) i started training last week and my instinct told me right:)
nice video!

Ciro Rizzitello says:

I wish that bench was my face

ramir233 says:

I love how the woman looks at me like she wants something from me. 🙂

Mikey Lin says:

Can i just do crunch on the ground? or will it be better with a Sit-Up Bench?

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