Week 3 -Six Pack Abs Transformation || Diet for Fat loss

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Week 3 Highlights of my Fat loss /Six pack abs transformation.
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Daman Singh is an Online/On-floor Fitness Trainer/Consultant from Patiala(Punjab) who helps people achieve their fitness goals without steroids.
He is an Internationally certified Sports Nutritionist and Trainer whose articles on Fitness and Bodybuilding publish regularly on Times Of India and MensXp(India`s largest Online Lifestyle magazine).
He Started posting regular videos on this channel from May 2016 and was the first Sikh fitness Youtuber from India to do so.

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Harsh bhargava says:

Bohot mehnat hai bhai body aise he nahi banti. Itni diet maintain karna is so tough. Hats off sir.

Sonu Sohal says:

bhaji gym kis time aune oo 360

Rahul Bajaj says:

SardAr ho ke non veg ni khaana chahiye πŸ™„

Sarthak Naik says:

On 6:40 how many of u thought ur phone is broken

Brahma kumar says:

Paji healthxp whey te video bnaoo …………agar video nyi bna sakte to bta do ki healthxp vaidia whey a ….πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Naveen raghav says:

Bhai apne chicken ki recipes share krna

Guru singh says:

Paji tuci you tube to kine paise eran kr lnde ho? Ik video Bna do u


Sale bhikari ko koi views de do

Mudit Singh says:

Bro now make a series on workouts depending on goals.. first fat loss and than muscle building. With each body part excercises so we can also follow that program.

Yash Sharma Fitness says:

Nice bike man. πŸ”₯

ponu man says:

Kuch problems h video editing me

z Z says:

Non stick se cancer hota hai

Manpreet Singh says:

12:37 ta banda dra dita🀣🀣

Pc 5678oo says:

Aapka muhh patla lagne lag gya pehle se aankhe b gadd si gyi

Babita Kumari says:

Logo kya hai wo bolte hi hai ji tusi mnd na krio…….?

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