Week 1: Day 5 – Legs and Upper Abs | Guru Mann 6 Week Shredded Program

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Guru Mann trains you and trains with you during his 6 week transformation program – burn fat and build muscle to sculpt your ideal physique.

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Your ultimate destination to get healthy and look fit!!

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Rahul Naik says:

Link for the Workout Calendar http://www.gurumann.com/6WEEK_SHREDDED_-_Workout_Calander.pdf

Suryya Baruah says:

Is it necessary to take post workout shake on the day of cardio?? Plss rply sir…um your big man


Guruji I have knee pain and also have side hip problem.. Can I do all yours exercises of legs of day 5 shredded program??

Pankaj Singh says:

This gym doesn't have barbell….no exercise with barbells…

Priya Prakash says:

Maan sir aap exercise home me karta ho ya gym please sir response

Tahir Syed says:

i am 68 kgs my hight is 5 '11 i went to a gym for getting 6 packs trainer told me that firzt i have to gain wait before getting six packs .is it true or i can start exercise directly for 6packs

Aj Whatsapp status Aj says:

Who was watching this video in 2017

Nikhil Bhosale says:

Guru sir what was your fat% at the time when you made this video?

Bhavya Bansal says:

Following the workout routine for 5 days now. Couldn't completely switch my diet in one, it's completely on track now. Took me 5 days to replace 5 meals to the ones suggested in the program. I feel a little dizzy during the day. However, the diet has improved digestion, and blood flow to the entire body. Sometimes, I am not able to complete the reps or entire range of motion, so I restrict the weight I am lifting. Should I consider the next Monday as the starting day ?

Dhanush Renadevan says:

Very helpful. Thanks brother

ravine444 says:

sir can u please tell about the training frequency , that is how many times we can train a body part for muscle growth and what time our body takes to recover after a training session

vjabhi upadhyay says:

sir legs ki sari exercises karnay say ,Kya legs fat burn ho sakta hai, please reply

Guru Singh says:

very nice guru mann. may be even you do not know how many people have you inspired and give motivation to.

S.B tHe kInG says:


Rajdip Vlogs says:

thank you bhaiya……………..

Yashik Arun says:

myfitfuel whey protein 80
review on this Indian product please. ……

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