Want 6 Pack Abs? Try This KILLER Ab Workout – All Out Ab Attack

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Are you finally ready to get those six pack abs you desire and deserve?

Regardless of what so-called mainstream fitness experts have told you – you can’t spot reduce fat off your abs by doing crunches. However, that’s not to say you can’t create an ab workout that replaces steady state cardio – still burns a ton of calories helping to directly reduce abdominal fat for a shredded six-pack, and ripped intercostals – all while protecting your lean, hard earned muscle.

As a matter of fact, the following jam-packed, all-out, fast and furious core circuit in this video will rev up your metabolism for hours after you perform it.

There are a few rules:

When performing this circuit remember there is no rest. Take as little as zero to fifteen seconds to quickly move between each exercise, and about two minutes rest between circuits.

Review the exercises and practice performing each one before diving into this program.

Control all of your movements, but you want to move as fast as possible without using momentum. All movements should be explosive, yet controlled and coordinated.

When you have mastered the exercises in this circuit, you should be performing this workout circuit five to six times with little rest in-between exercises or circuits.

Exercise #1: Hanging Leg Raises (12-15 Reps) (0:52)
Exercise #2: Stability Ball Windshield Wipers (12-15 Reps) (0:58)
Exercise #3: Medicine Ball Slam on Exercise Ball (12-15 Reps) (1:09)
Exercise #4: Barbell Ab Rollouts (12-15 Reps) (1:15)
Exercise #5: Medicine Ball Slams (15-20 Reps) (1:23)
Exercise #6: Bicycle Ab Crunch (30-60sec) (1:30)
Exercise #7: Mountain Climbers (30-60sec) (1:34)
Exercise #8: Plank (30-60 sec) (1:39)

Jordan recommends performing this circuit twice a week, either after your resistance training workout or first thing in the morning.

Lastly, as you progress, you can increase the volume, or frequency of these workouts.

Until next time!

Keep training hard.
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X.X. X.X. says:

obviously ab workout is not restricted to situp and crunches. thanks for the video. it helped to broaden my perspective. captain xxxx, u.s. army, retired.

Badman Blodkilla says:

Next level blue eyes 😀

gaurav damathia says:

please make a video on lower chest workout

Richard Guerrero says:

Great Ab Circuit! Died on the 3 round tried to go for 4

Dennis Fossey says:

Cool. I'll try it out.

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