Upper Body "5 Minute Workout"

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Upper Body “5 Minute Workout”

Hit your “upper body” with this quick “5 Minute Workout” from 3hree Triplets Fitness. This is geared towards BEGINNERS, but can be used to supplement your workouts no matter what skill level you are. Use this workout to warm up before working out, to burn out after a workout, before bed, after you wake up, or whenever you need to! Everyone has 5 minutes!

The Routine:
10 Push-Ups
10 Supermans
30 Second Plank
10 Wide Push-Ups
10 Breakdowns
10 Alternating Supermans
30 Second T-Hold
10 Sphinx Push-Ups
30 Second T-Hold

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evangela says:

Will the results be the same and do you recemmend doing these reps on a bed? The reason I’m asking is I had severe surgery on my ankle last week and I’m looking for workout I can do in bed so I don’t loose all the muscles I worked so hard at kickboxing for the past year.

Larry Davis says:

I was fired up to hear the bhangara music

Aquarius M.e says:


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