Unsafe Abdominal Ball Exercise Workouts With Prolapse Problems

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Learn 3 unsafe abdominal exercise workouts for women to avoid – this includes after having a baby, with pelvic organ prolapse or after gynaecological surgery.

These exercises are presented by Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Michelle Kenway https://www.pelvicexercises.com.au

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Whispering Oaks says:

Do you have or know of a full workout to strengthen the core and flatten stomach, 2 years on from a lapro hysterectomy? I'd like to get back my core fitness but there are so many things I cant do because of the floor.

Laila Blanchard says:

I would love to see a similar video for unsafe yoga poses or moves. thanks so much, love you sharing your knowledge

Colleen.j Davey says:

Hi Michelle, thank you for this most helpful video. I have just had my second prolapse surgery(after many years). I was never informed not to do these exercises. Maybe I may have avoided my second surgery had I had the opportunity to view your video years ago. I now intend following your future videos, Thank you, Colleen

greenscarab2 says:

I also like your videos very much. Your very good.

greenscarab2 says:

Hello, What brand ball do you suggest? Thanks:)

Anna London says:

Hi Michelle, I really enjoy your videos. I'm a Pilates instructor specialised in pre and post natal and I would suggest that with the right breathing some of the exercises you do not recommend can be performed so that the load created by the intra-abdominal pressure created by the movement can be used to build PFM strength as the person breathes out and retains the contraction. Any views on this?

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