Top 5 Treadmill Workout Tips to Flatten Your Abs – Presented by

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Did you know that you can get flat sexy abs without doing sit ups?

Jim Bompensa shares five key tips to get more out of your treadmill workouts. With these treadmill workout tips you will literally walk your way to six pack ABS!

Tight abs are not the result of countless sit ups! Instead they are derived from a complete body workout that engages all of the body’s muscles while burning fat.

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Asma Bun says:

He’s too big for the treadmill

C G O says:

like I'd do that with my arms at the gym lol

Kevin Barnes says:

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Orbitz Gaming says:

So this makes ur abs more visible

almr almuhands says:

please, How to use the other part in treadmill for stomach exercise ,could you explain that by video
Thank you

sarah alsayed says:

the model lowkey hot tho

Rathnam A says:

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Ennis Cayton says:

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Richard Luong says:

When is the guy with the chiseled abs coming?

Grizzz says:

Hello guys im 15 give me some more great tips on how to lose weight more faster and also some tips on how to increase in height ps im 5'1 🙁 maybe 5'2

Finn Emery says:

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Corns Ronald says:

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louis a says:

this is bullshit do some an exersizes people

DM electrical says:

I think this has made him grow a set of tits lol

Cheap Treadmill says:

Realy enjoy to watch this video….

DarkJanet says:

Whoa, thanks for the video.

Zubair. Ah says:

Hi there, what i can call that wieght increase pouch ?

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