Top 5 Flat Belly Exercises (Abs Workout At Home)

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This workout shows you 5 of the best Abs exercises to do if you want a Flat Belly. Try to complete the entire workout, do it till the end – only in this way can you see the good results you’re looking!

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Good luck and leave me a comment below, tell me if this workout is easy or hard for you!

Calories burned for this workout: between 65 and 90, depending on your weight, height and gender.

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Gabriela cat0901 says:

Hi, yesterday I found your videos by chance. By circumstances I have not done any type of exercises in 6 years … I like them a lot. I will comment on the results. Thank you. A hug from Catalunya 🤗⭐

Yong Sueyee says:

Nice exercise at home

Siya Mahajan says:

will it help to reduce full belly area

Sapna Khaiwal says:


Sapna Khaiwal says:

Woooo very

Lamia Sherb says:


good i likeSUPPORT says:

Thank you so much

Etu Akter says:

I m doing this for a month. But my belly fat is not reducing. Please help me


Will it lose thigh fat

Sarai Ramos says:

Can you do lose thigh fat video

Kailas Sharma says:

After doing this my back was paining like hell , but after some days it give us result ✌️🙂

naqvi syeda says:

Can u tell me in how much days i will got result? Meri only belly nikli hui hy kitny dino main cover ho jy ga? Coz my wedding is in end of December so let me know kitny din lagy gy? & it's effected?? & can u also share some diet plan ?

kasi durga says:

my belly fat is not discreased

Arfa atique says:

Can i continue this workout after c section

Subbulakshmi C says:

I cant do Russian twist please help

Subbulakshmi C says:

I had two daughters.after eightyear still I had mom belly .is this exercise help to reduce my belly.l had more fat on my upper belly and my belly divided into two lower belly is sagging please replly

Shahul Hameed says:

A proven weight loss method which is easy to follow and yet gives best results – @t

Vinodhini vignesh says:

Hi what diot i want to follow please tell me how many days I should follow the diot

Annu Pawar says:

Wow it really works

Ramesh Dasari says:

it's very though

Ramesh Dasari says:

iam misses ramesh I can do this,very though

Jenny ann says:

I really love this

Annah Sibongile says:

do this for how many days

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