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Top 5 best beginners abs exercises, how to get a sixpack – enjoy!

Christian H. Nielsen:
Instagram: @christianhn

Instagram: @calisthenicsunity

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Calisthenics Unity says:

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Albin says:

Very good tutorial.

John Cena says:

You literally have the beat abs ever.

Jose Ramirez says:

How do I start

Shahab Shahabodin says:

can u snd me the link of background music chriss please

TGPIG says:

We were doing a sit-ups competition in our school and I was doing like you Chris but I farted on the 10th rep😂😂

Can you repeat the q͟u͟e͟s͟t͟i͟o͟n͟? says:

Chrisss I have big chest small shoulders strong core I can front lever and do muscle ups with perfect form no shaking or skipping and I need to know how to make shoulders bigger

Adam says:

Endelig en dansk calisthenics atlet! 🙂

Carlos Gonzalez Del Sol says:

You should do more calves

MD Motivation says:

Nice video
You need watch this video

Taye Trotman says:

My biggest problem with working out is that the closest calisthenics gyms (outdoor gyms) require me to get the bus or train, the distance isn’t good for motivation.

Marko Kamenjarin says:

You're a good dude but just had tl mention,your plank form isn't good , you're rounding your upper back like hell, would be bad if people went on and did it poorly.

Vũ Duy Tùng says:


Shubham Pawar says:

Can you make video on how to do pull ups

Workout Warriors says:

Nice video
Best workout video #workout warriors

Ja sam klošar says:

Every day is arm day…

Anahat Kelkar says:

Chandelier makes you look like Santa Lucia haha

Csaba Horvath says:

Would be nice to see how is your diet on the daily basis. Like what do you eat in a day.

Pi says:

In your program you have a rest timer between sets – what's the math behind how much you should rest between each set?

MaRkED says:

Yo Chris why ur not making handstand holding vid

Oliver Lopez says:

Good video…

Jesus Israel Bejar II says:

Make a best legs exercizes!!!!!

Jose Lopez Diaz says:

I like how humble he is it’s so rare with people who are in shape 😂

DYLAN ndc says:

Plank is one of the key exercises for strong abs.

Go Robust says:

Good one dude 🙂

Uzumaki Ibram says:

Chris, why when i do knee raises on the other day i get pain in my hips? The pain is big…

Will Ketcher II says:

Bro you completly FORGOT and left out reps and sets! I'm not angry I just am wondering. 1 thing you could do is just make a post on insta or on youtube! Keep up the good work!!!

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