Top 3 Bodyweight Exercises for Six Pack Abs

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Also I answer the questions:
How to not swing when doing pullups?
Why do I swing when doing pullups?

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How to get six pack abs
The best six pack ab workout
how do i make my abs show
what are the best abs exercises
what are the best abs exercises
what are the best abs exercises

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Jingo Unchained says:

this kid is unbelievably strong

Lenovo Tab says:

А куда ты дал свой старый канал на русском

masterdelagrande says:

Compete in American Ninja Warriors and give them a show!

Bartek Tobiasz says:

eeee tam triki na trzepaku

Siddhartha Das says:

This guy is awesome. You keep saying “Wow”. And then: nothing. Wish he would post something that ordinary folks can do. We know, we know: he is awesome.

Migu3l Sebastian Athanasius says:

You are a beast in disguise. keep it up!!!

Arnold Neil says:

Can I know your height

Steve Thomas says:

top advice, good trainer…..

Amy L says:

I tried doing that thing in the beginning and my grip gave in and I fell in my butt ouch haha

Smart person says:

a ripped version of jakefrom two and a half men

Neyber TO says:

Rid of accent

Iván Krauss says:

My grip cave in!

Daniel Chachanashvili says:

supposedly, when u stick out ur pelvis/hips forward while doing abs is the proper form, otherwise it works too much on ur hip flexors, only recently found that out

Nishan chowdhury says:

the way he

Donovan Miller says:

he's right he got that gymnast hook up

Young Justice says:

No swing zero swing

kelas menejemen says:

Can you get hernia if doing this exercises? please answer

André Pinto says:

my problema doing those type of abs is Grip.

Dennis says:

No swing, zero swing.

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