The Ultimate Six Pack Abs Workout

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This is the six pack abs workout I’ve been doing for almost a year now. It’s very effective, and the best way to get six pack abs fast. I do it every other day. The full workout is 25 reps per individual exercise = 250 reps per set. 4 sets = 1000 reps. Takes about 30 minutes with resting.

Hints for this six pack abs workout: Start with a number of reps you can handle. Don’t go extreme if you can’t finish all the movements consecutively. Next, breathe out all the way when your abs are in the flexed state. I’m breathing but you can hardly hear it on the video. Breathing is crucial to building mass and volume in your six pack.

Try it out. Do it for a few months, and you’ll have the six pack you’ve always wanted.
Just remember to eat clean, and drink lots of water.

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Rakesh Wagh says:

this fun I j.MV Kong

utax multiservicios says:

This video is greatly appreciate it. But are you doing any new videos?

anon homie says:

"Oh brother this guy STINKS."

Fitt Hoch7 says:

The exercises are pretty good but your execution is a joke
Explosive-power is not the right way

JustinTrojan says:

I think you were pretty hot 'before' also man, but great work.

abdokizo bavary says:

please I want to know the name of song in intro of video

Maurice Cooper says:

I enjoy these ab exercises. They work! You're awesome, bro. I just subscribed!👍💯💪

Bryson Richardson says:

Do u need to diet

Artem Brovchenko says:

You can learn more about workouts, health and bodybuildinf on Unflexal website.

mikcall54 says:

very difficult to sustain that motivation

Jesus Hernandez Estrada says:

I am 14 years old. Can you help me on how much should i do? thanks☺

Haydar Al-assadi says:

Thank you very good

JG says:

day 2 it is not abs workout, is it willpower training QAQ


just did it today for the first time, my abs are on fire and swollen, gonna keep doing his exercises, recommend it ASAP!

Kurt Cobain says:

what is the name of the intro song

Valentino Beaugrand says:

I'm so weak I can't even do the crossed arms crunches because it hurts my neck so fricking bad does anyone have a problem with this crunch exercise or is it just me??

Aik Toredes says:

I will do it this..maybe possible…

Ashley Emery says:

I find this Six pack abs guide “suza great plan” (Google it) very excessive. I think this book is very helpful for people who really wants to slim down and have a six-pack abs simultaneously. I almost drop 3 pounds weight with in Ten days. It is very helpful to me, I have got 6 pack abs following this guide detail by detail. You need to try this book also.

Robert_rdz _ says:

does it burn fat ?

mista says: you are a gorgeous human being!

Christian Thornton KCModell says:

Shut up and just sit on my face!

Brady Hanson says:

This abs guide “suza great plan” (Google it) is worth a try for guys who would like to get six pack abs but have not attained the goal after trying many methods. I carried out daily exercises shown by the guide and I got Six pack abs as a result. Among the helpful parts of this book is the 13 Ab plans section.

G _TAO says:

just watching made my abs go up 😂

Simone Ferraro says:

how many sets i do for one workout?

Sanjay Chauhan says:

really working sir… thank-you so much

Darren Devine says:

4 sets of 25 on each exercise?

Fitness4London says:

Great video. Performed slower is even more effective.

عبدالله العتيبي says:

اليهودي ذا جسمه منتاز

Jeha nzeb says:

I am 13,will it work

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