The Two-Minute Push-up and Plank Workout

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Give your core and upper body a quick blast of strengthening and toning with this two-minute plank and push-up workout! Planks and push-ups are both basic bodyweight exercises that are very effective at toning and strengthening your core and upper body.

This workout takes advantage of the benefits of both exercises to give you a workout that will help you strengthen those areas of your body in very short time, which allows you to get the workout in almost any time of the day. Maybe even a few times throughout the day!

This video also shows you a couple variations on planks and push-ups that will allow you to tailor the workout a bit more to your fitness level. Here are the variations you will see for each exercise:

1) Straight arm plank (beginner)
2) Bent arm plank (intermediate)
3) Plank with alternating leg lifts (advanced)

1) Knee Push-ups (beginner)
2) Regular Push-ups (beginner/intermediate)
3) Spider-man Push-ups (advanced)

Mix and match these different variations as needed, or even use some of the variations shown in the videos below to mix some new variations into your workout:

Push-up variations –

Plank variations –

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Ashwini Aishu says:

Hi I have a doubt. Which plank is more effective?
Straight arm plank or fore arm plank ?

Be.blessed. Forever says:

Whew weeee! I did it though, thank you!!

Fat L says:

Will this improve my pushup count

tuchi35 says:

Longest two minutes of my lifeeeee!!!

Jan Olaf Risnes says:

This nr 3 in a row. Great thanx)))

Jan Olaf Risnes says:

Good stuff.

Sharon Robinson says:

This is a great workout!

cutie 82 says:

😁 break i have lower back pain

cutie 82 says:

😑 everything hurts but dang i sweat a lot.


Thx for this vid but why i cannot hold my neck straight like them? My neck seems to be d problem

John doue Quebec says:

Can I get a big chest doing this?? And when im doing planks I feel the burn on my arms not on my abs am I doing wrong

David Barnes says:

Great demo'. Excellent form guys.

Muse Magritte says:

I'm sweating

I Am Happy And I Deserve It says:

The dark guy looks so handsome

Mallikarjun raju says:'s hard

J3223 says:

Thank you so much!

TheLunadaz says:


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