The Truth About Abs

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The Truth About Abs

In this video I talk about six common ab myths:
Myth 1 – you get abs by doing ab exercises
Myth 2 – you can get abs in just 8 minutes a day
Myth 3 – you can do spot fat removal
Myth 4- to get 6-pack abs you need to buy something
Myth 5- For lower abs you need to do special exercises
Myth 6- Getting abs requires long, grueling ab workouts

Anyone can be healthier, have more energy, sleep better, and feel better about themselves through bodybuilding. Bodybuilding doesn’t have to be expensive or take a lot of time, gyms are great but home workouts can save you time and money. A cheap dumbbell set from a garage sale or walmart is all it takes to get started with your home workouts.

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99 Hz says:

Scooby even though cardio is nececary, abb exercises make the muscle bigger which shows.

Leonardo Hernandez says:

Thank you for making these videos Scooby. I started off lifting weights and leaning out on the summer of 2009 and Scooby's videos were some of the first I came across. I was 104 lbs @ 5'5 at the time (extremely underweight). 10 years later I'm 155 lbs with sub 10% body fat, and to this day, every new training program or nutrition plan I start is based on the fundamentals I learned from Scooby


Thanks…from Israel

Encaso De says:

I always see your videos… you are the best example to your teachings. Your body is perfect . Thanks for your wonderful support.

Cdog Designs says:

Wow, this video is amazing. Will most definitely be coming back in the future.

Your Mom says:

955 people are fat people eating icecream while watching this

Piyush Sharma says:

You earned a subscriber and my respect 🙏

Link Legend says:

I stopped working out for a long while now but I'm getting back at it, thanks for the tips and for exposing the lies of other videos. Suscribed. 👍

Tofu Fry says:

I watched Whang!'s video on you and I'm so happy I did. You seem like a great teacher and I've been trying to get some info on how to lose weight.

Diogo Nascimento says:

What about the cases of skinny fat guys?

BananaPhone423 says:

Dem pecs are distracting… Can't… Look… Away… No homo…

IloveWaffles#zenolove says:

2009 video in 720p NANI

Bryan Moyna says:

Man, i love this man.

You're the man now Dog says:

Having a strong core can also help your performance in the bedroom.

Faceless says:

well the truth is that although most people that "want abs" probably should lose some weight however depending on genetics and training it is indeed possible to have abs on a pretty high body fat percentage, that happens to some powerlifters, also I myself at some point was at least 20something% body fat with very visible abs, off course they wasn't shredded but it would be enough for a dude who just "wants to have abs"..
bottomline: train your abs with progressive overload (carefully since you don't want any hernias you want your progress to be really really steady) while also trying to lose fat (or at least trying not to gain much fat) and when you reach the point were you're actually lifting weights with your abs like 10 kilos at your feet or something for reps, if you still don't have abs then you need to lose some fat (and just to remind you..lose fat while still working on your abs so that you don't let them atrophy…)

czemu009 says:

r e m o v e t h e f a t

Sakata Gintoki says:

Man I remember watching this back in 2009-2010 wow, Good to see Scooby still alive.

Mike H says:

you've seen people doing 50 minutes of hanging leg raises?…..yeah ok there fag stick, i guarantee you've never seen anyone in there life doing 50 minutes of hanging leg raises, that's beyond ridiculous

Zoltan Cikel says:

About the number of ABS, it is genetics also. If you have a natural 4 pack you will never get an 8 pack. Just check Schawrzengger. Lean as hell, no 8 pack, no 6 pack but 4 pack. This is like short and long biceps, you cant change it by exercising.

omar kamal says:

hi iam omar 75kg 22 y and i wannt to know what my diet should be
my weekly ptn is about have a chicken and fish and about 200 gm lam meet
i eat lots of cho and unhealthy food
idonot smoke or drink alcohols
i want to show my abs and gain muscle bulk

I Scare Sausages says:

I have subscribed but not clicked on the bell button because I don't want a shirtless bucket hat man showing up on my phone in school.

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