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In this FItnessFAQs we will cover the truth about abs and what exercises you should avoid. Most people make the mistake of thinking crunches, situps, side bends and russian twists are a good way to train the core. Instead, we need to use exercise like planks, ab wheel roll outs, hollow body holds, bird dogs and hip flexor strengthening exercises.

In order to have an effective abs workout, even at home, the exercises in this video should serve the priority in your training. All of the popular YouTube channels including calisthenic movement, thenx and athlean-x tend to have a similar approach to building strong six pack abs.

How to get a six pack? Solid nutrition and a low body fat percentage is key. Spend your time working on ab stability and training hard with big compound exercises.

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FitnessFAQs says:

Master Your Body:

Elise le Roux says:

Weak hip flexors are the worst

The Bearded says:

I just came back from a work out when i clicked this video. As soon as you did the deep roll outs my stomach muscles started aching.

ton1czech says:

so best excersise for obliques is side plank?

Cameron Purvis says:

Heck yeah bro! Hollow body + weight is my go-to exercise! Great! Also adding weight to clean dragon flags is amazing! IG: coach____cam

Marc Braun says:

What about hollow rocks as an dynamic hollow body variation?

YouTubeSearch ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX says:

Because of this video, today I included 1 minute side planks in my training routine.
Thanks for this video reminder Daniel. πŸ‘πŸ‘

However I rarely do just a static plank. Too boring. Usually I do some kind of other movement during the plank.
In the case of the side plank, instead of just keeping the free arm up in the air, I use a 5kg dumbbell to do external rotation exercise of the shoulder joint.

I keep the elbow close to my body and move the dumbbell up and down for the duration of the plank. πŸ‘πŸ‘

Δ°hsan Hakan TURHAN says:

Please do a video about snapping triceps syndrome

Winston Searchill says:

Why breath into the stomach (1:41)? I've always concentrated on breathing into the chest, what's the difference?

I should mention that I do Breakdancing and Power Yoga

Alex S. says:

Jeff Cavaliere though would disapprove of including the regular plank in this workout, since there are more athletic exercises according to him xD

Mevall says:

Hurt my back doing deadlifts when all I would do for core work is crunches πŸ˜‚ Started implementing the McGill big 3 in my warm up and have seen massive changes.

Jorge vA says:

kettlebell walking! what about this one? where does it fit your recommendation? thanks Daniel and nice Australia accent !

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