The Top 4 Effective Exercises For Six Pack Abs: Why doing a lot of sit-ups is a mistake!

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4 Amazing Exercises for Incredible Six Pack Abs.

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In this Tutorial, Moji guides you through 4 Amazing Abs exercises to really get the Ab muscles firing. He discusses common mistakes as well as demonstrating correct techniques for getting the most efficient Ab Workout.

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Moji Oluwa is a a 35 times Natural Bodybuilding Champion. (Natural = No Drugs!) and IFPA Pro.He is also an elite trainer and the mastermind of the Miami Muscle System, the easiest, clearest, most advanced muscle building program available.

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Ahmed Askar says:

You've put a smile on my face during the whole video. Thanks for the info.

Suraj Upadhyay says:

Thank you so much for your guidance, You are my favorite Sir.

ramesh k.r says:

Great video thank u sir

Bharatdeep Singh says:

Amazing! Smart workout

Behnam Baharmand says:

It is rare, this amount of clarity and logic in this field. Thank you! Glad to have found your channel.

quthubuddinahmed syed says:

Sir how to reduce my belly fat

Jitendra Manocha says:

U r the best trainer in the world…

Justin Riley says:

like the bicycles, I've never seen em done like that most people look like there having a nightmare or something lol.

aamir sohail says:

Amazing techniques for abs with complete perfect form…. Good job

Dario Milkovic says:

love your videos

Hateem Arshad says:

When will your website be open for us.
How long it will be under maintananve.

Sanjeev Kumar 313623 says:

Sir you are my favorite. Your videos are very knowledgeable .

Bharatdeep Singh says:

Smartest information ever

MDL SHOW Mohamed Diallo Live says:

Best video I've seen on the subject so far. Well explained & precise. Well Done. Thx for sharing the knowledge/science

Nava Shan says:

Can u uload some schedules for beginners plss… its more help full also .. ur every videos are very help full and best sir..👍👍🙏pls upload schedule for full body training thank you

Future Noir says:

thanks bro u can't immagine what change happend to me today , thanks for you tip

Johan Misiedjan says:

You are a REAL bro… God bless you

Naser Afrashteh says:

The only thing I can say is that you are the best of the best; your videos along with the explanation are wonderful. However, the only thing that is missed here is a straightforward nutrition plan which I suppose some people can follow in order to stay on the right track.

Lil Sisa says:

Hi dude!respect! Thank you. Can I know how to build lower chest? Please thank you

Loghan Appalanaidu says:

Dear Moji. My Tummy is still big even I workout as you said. No changes. Is it any other way to reduce my tummy. My wife told me that, my tummy is getting bigger after do workout. And another thing is I only can do 3 or 4 time only the way u show. Is it enough? Waiting for your reply Moji. Thanks

Vijay Chavan says:

Best bodybuilding channel

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