The Four-Minute Cardio Workout For Your Heart

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If you’re looking to get your heart rate up with a great cardio workout, but don’t have a lot of time in your day, then this quick cardio workout is for you. This workout takes four exercises and places them into a HIIT format circuit that will be sure to get your heart rate up and leave you sweating. And even better, this workout can easily be repeated to if you have more time to fit a slightly longer workout in.

In this cardio workout, you will be repeating the following four exercises twice. Do each exercise for 20 seconds with 10 seconds of jogging in place between each exercise:

1) Fake Jump Rope
2) Cross Jacks
3) Skaters
4) Burpees

Since this is a quick workout, you want to do the highest level of intensity that you feel you can perform each exercise at to maximize your results. Be sure to be safe though and don’t push yourself to unsafe levels of intensity.

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unknown unknown says:

Does this workout help to build heart endurance, so I will get tired slower? And how many times a week should I do it? When I could see the first results?

James Mcarton says:

will this help my endurance ?

Suwilanji Siwanzi says:

how long does it take to see results

Riddhisha says:

how many calories does this workout burn?please reply

Millionaire Master says:

how many calories i will burn once i do this cardio exercise ?

Go Dancers Go s says:

Thnks …for this

Mapco Auh says:

I am a heart patient, can I ?

david venkatesan says:


thivy thaya says:

Great workout!! Thank you, God Bless

Drganesh Male says:

I'm heart patient. ,is it useful in my condition

Dill Walay says:

Thanks blowflex easy and simple

Ashleigh Newton says:

I don't exercise enough at all, I just broke out with tears after doing this workout. Doing this made me notice how bad my health is but I am determined to do this everyday to get better! I love that you kept telling us that it does NOT have to be perfect "do what you can do" That is what made me carry out Thank you <3

Dark Seed says:

Is this all ther is for a cardio workout? I was checking the playlist but cant find any specifically for cardio help 😊love the workout though

sana khan says:

superb awesome really works …god bless u

G Man says:

this is very intense, especially the 'skaters' exercise. This routine alone would strengthen your heart over time.

arkchanger says:

I have hyoertension and im fat, ill give it a try even if i get shortness of breath fast.

Leo Yayan Core says:

After the six minute body hit work out then this is my 2 minutes ending work out. 😊

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