The Five Minute Summer Body Workout – Part 3

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Summer is almost here, start preparing for all your beach days now! This five-minute arm & ab workout is perfect to do when you are tight on time. Mix it up with Summer Body Workout Parts 1 & 2 at the links below!

For this workout you’ll need dumbbells that are a comfortable weight. Make sure the weight challenges you, but doesn’t sacrifice form. Don’t have dumbbells at home? Start with some water bottles or canned food. Or get yourself a pair here:

This workout consists of four exercises that target the arms and the abdominal. Each is done for 30 seconds for 2 rounds:

1) Bicep curls
2) Overhead shoulder press
3) Tricep kickbacks
4) Bicycle crunches

Get your body summer ready by doing this routine once or twice a day.

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Shona Fraser says:

I like doing all three Summer workouts! So I made another playlist!

melody drozd says:

Just did this yesterday at the end of another workout. Love it. Subscribed.

Sean Robison says:

Super and effective workout! I love doing these when Iā€™m short on time or combining with other w/outs. Transitions and cueing are great, too!

Charikaj Paco says:

can pls make 5 minute arm exercise ^^

Ramon Correa says:

Haven't done this workout in a while. I forgot how fun it is. Simple and easy but with the right weight challenging. Great Job as always Bowflex team.

Fit Survivor says:

You're great Tom sir. I'm learning on daily basis from you. Your short duration workouts are really effective and challenging. Awesome job

vera mihailov says:


Anthony Lipatan says:

Qiuestion??, how many kilos of dumbbells for the start??..

LK says:

Not really good approach. No warmup and stretching.

ceasar martinez says:

mine seems to be stuck and idk how to fix it

Michela Petrizzelli says:

Even I can do this. Thank you for making it sooo easy to do which helps to get me up and going.

Cooking Lessons for Dad says:

Nice quick workout!

Barbara Barbie says:

great I do all your workouts and I'm ready for the beach Yesssssss .
Thank you very much bowflex

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