The Five-Minute Summer Body Workout – Part 1

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If you’re looking for a quick workout routine to get you ready for summer, our Five-Minute Summer Body Workout is exactly what you need. Just grab a pair of dumbbells, or something similar that can provide you with some additional resistance, and follow along with the workout to get your body in-shape for summer.

This workout consists of five exercises done for 60 seconds each that will work your entire body:

1) Plié Squats with Biceps Curls
2) Alternating Front Raises
3) Bent Over Rows with Triceps Kickbacks
4) Skaters
5) Squats with Overhead Presses

Find five minutes to fit this workout in once or twice each day and get your body ready for summer!

Check out Part 2 of the Summer Body Workout here:

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anthony jones says:

I love bowflex now there workouts are cool

BeBe First says:

Love This channel. Tom Holland is a great fitness advisor. I love all of his workouts, and they keep me in great shape. Thanks!

Veronica P. Mangham says:

Thanks for sharing I am going to start today. . ATL

Carol Holton says:

I really enjoy these videos.After having my baby, i was finding it hard to get a gym routine going, but now with these short interval stretches and workouts, i am slowly but surely reshaping my body,and look forward to being a slim, healthy mommy.🙂

Cely Cuevas says:

I started doing your exercises cardio, standing abs and dumbell workout i do it every other day by doing all these three in one go and that keeps me going the whole day thanks bowflex

aries saponyam says:

how many set each exercise? do i make this everyday?

aries saponyam says:

how many kilos the dubells they used pls reply

T P says:

Can't wait to do this.

Angel T says:

thank you so much for sharing,wehhhh I actually doing this dumbbell exercise every night.i am using 5kg it's dumbbell quit heavy for me but I need to lost more weight,thank you so much

Rebecca Gill says:

i dont think anyone truly knows how much this channel actually helps me! Im 16 and extremely active in school so working out isnt in my top priorities. I also suffer from pcos which makes it extremely hard to lose weight! doing 2 of the workouts that are under 10 minutes everyday has helped me lose 15lbs in two months! Thank you so much for making these video, continue to keep putting them out!

Luxury CM says:

Hello. I don't understand how many days need to make Part 1 to can go to next level Part 2? I can make 10 days level 1, 10 days level 2 and 10 days level 3? Thank you and sorry for my english.

bokyung baik says:

Simple but excellent exercise Thanks

Yulanda Brandon says:

where can i buy the dumbell sets?

Rick J says:

good workout, hot chicks, ridiculous dumbbells

achillefs sousalis says:

Super work guys that's the way to perfection right?

Diana Best-Hutchison says:

#bowflex how much weights are the ladies lifting for these particular exercises?? each hand???

testerwoman says:

How many times per week?

Ken Smith says:

Bowflex's Xtreme Home Gym is on Amazon Deal of the Day right now! Just sharing it thinking you might like it!

Mr. Troll says:

smoking hot girls

Bowflex says:

Looking to make heads turn at the beach this summer? Get started with this 5 min. ultimate summer body workout.

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