The Five-Minute Holiday Season Survival Workout

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The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year – To gain weight. Shopping, parties, and stress are the perfect recipe for eating more and exercising less, both of which can lead to packing on the pounds. The secret is to do whatever you can do whenever you can do it. Focus on getting in short bursts of exercise throughout the day to burn calories and boost your mood – Workouts like this phenomenal 5-minute bodyweight-only full-body blast.

This workout includes these five exercises, each done for 60 seconds:
1) Skaters
2) Push-ups
3) Planks
4) Mountain Climbers
5) Forward Lunges

This workout is designed to give you something quick that you can fit into your busy days, but feel free to do this workout 2-3 times in your day to burn even more of those holiday calories off!

Here are some other quick workouts you can use to survive the holidays:

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Miriam Lopez says:

I do every da y, thank you!

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i do this every day…….Thanks…

Tammi Meeks says:

i do this every day……… i do see a difference ………….Thanks……

Tammi Meeks says:

i love doing this i do this every day and love it …………..

General Flavius Aetius Belisarius Stilicho says:

Now that's a workout!!

Apius Djinn says:

thanks alot =)

Ms Nobody says:

Perfect Morning Before Work Workout…. 💪

Anthony Lipatan says:

killer but effective…. thumbs up!!!….

achillefs sousalis says:

JUST Super work guys that's the way to perfection!!!

Healthy & Nurtured says:

I love what you do …👌 you really see a lot of ignorant and egotistical people in the Fitness Industry.😌but your videos are the Bomb💣💣💣💥👌clear, specific, concise, practical and effective.
I feel so much stronger🙌

Wk says:

omg i was abt to die

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