The Five-Minute Holiday Season HIIT Workout

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The holidays are a busy time of year, so you need a workout that can fit into almost any schedule. This 5 minute HIIT workout is the perfect workout to sprinkle into your busy days to help keep your fitness levels up while you get through the holiday season.

This quick HIIT workout consists of these 5 exercises each done for 20 seconds with 10 seconds of active recovery in between:

1) Skaters
2) Mountain Climbers
3) Side Climbers
4) Plank Jacks
5) Jumps

You will be repeating that sequence two times through for a total of 5 minutes.

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Tammi Meeks says:

i do this every day ………….i love your videos blowflex i do them every day love them……

Prsteeksha Sahu says:

I love your videos tom holland you are my favourite fitness advisor

Annie Mallie says:

I do this before I do my cardio and my legs are like jelly after only 5 minutes. Hey is right these work out do work. I have to lose 14lb and Iā€™m determined to do this.

Smily khan says:

I like workout its amazing šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘ŒšŸ‘Œ

Annie Mallie says:

I do this workout every other day in my living room with my 9 month old crawling around me and 2 year old running around, I work up a major sweat and my heart pounds at the end. I love this workout, I feel better after this in comparison to the 45 minutes I do on the cross trainer at the gym. Thank you bowflex I am so happy to have found your videos. God bless you x

VfB ST says:

Nice Workout

Marleen Ben says:

An awesome šŸ˜Ž workout I did I will keep doing it

Jesus Christ is Lord says:

I enjoyed this workout….I love these 5 & 6 min HIIT workouts for when I'm super busy. Please post more of these šŸ˜ƒ

Aruba Zaheer says:

This instructor is truly motivating i lost 8pounds. Great great great instructor

Kennedy Lidonde says:

Love this workout

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