The Eight Minute At Home Abs Workout

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Four moves and eight minutes is all you need to complete this awesome ab workout! These four exercises can be done with modifications to make them as easy or as difficult as needed. Make sure to take time, and focus on form. These exercises aren’t about how quick you do them, but how well you do them.

Do the four exercises listed below for 45 seconds each with 15 seconds rest in between. Then repeat the four exercises for round two.

1) Classic Crunch
2) Plank
3) Cross Crunch
4) Rope Climbs

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yo girl says:

Subscribe to my account for K-pop videos

nalitha Phommavong says:

Tom Holland, he is the best! All of his words of encouragements really do help me get through it. My daughter is now six months and I started his videos the end of November, I can see my abs coming through. Thank you, Tom!

Kk mm says:

my day 5 of workingout much more better with my body

Nick Pearce says:

Is it alright to add in a few more exercises from your videos to this workout?

Michela Cece says:

I'm soo thankful for this video, it is really useful!! 💪🏼

Poonam Sahni says:

Hey ! Great workout
I have one query. Is it really fine if one does this exercise on daily basis ? Or one should keep on shuffling the exercises. Like on the first day abs workout and second day legs workout ??

kb kahina says:

Oh my gosh it's very difficult for a beginner

Emily Xiao says:

I really like this channel❤. I'll follow and see my changes.

Afshan Atique says:

How many calories r burnt by doing this 8 min work out

Lune Dorrmy says:

I really need to lose belly fat😔

Ishita Ghosh says:

Can you tell me how to do any HIIT workout properly? Like before meal or after meal and stuffs …

Pepper_Winobi says:

Tried this a while ago. I liked it cause it’s easy to execute and I can feel the burn in my tummy. My favorite is the rope climbing.

Ian Blazado says:

Damn…I thought I was gonna die during that 8-minute workout. The amount of sweat is incredible. Nice vid man. Thank you!

Prithvijit Chatterjee says:

Thank you Bowflex

Ranitha Kasipaka says:

I just love this workout. It's easy n effective

Adejoke Ajewanle says:

Wao I hope it really work am really sweating but no matter how challenging it is I must loose my belly fat

Judy Abourjaily says:

Imazing tom thanks for the special exercises

Nina Mack says:

I'm going to try this workout and in three months I'll post my results

Ashitha Raj says:

I started my workouts and I reached almost 3 weeks now.i can feel the changes.its working.

Viktoriya Chaplygina says:


Saveree Chakraborty says:

How many times a day should we do this?

nathan ma says:

this works well

chelsea Iefel apiag says:

those exercises is challenge for me.

Sasson Coco says:

Hallo Tom
Thank you so much for the video (s). Your words (it is not how many i do, it is how well i do them waaoow) are so much motivating and it encourages me to work out. God bless you.

Mariam Abd Esalam says:

Thank you so much

Diana Z Santos says:

Loving the work outs!!

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