The Best Ab Workout for Women: Get Six Pack Abs in Weeks Part 1 of 2

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Use this abs workout plan to get strong core muscles and sexy, flat abs. Skip the sit-ups and sculpt your stomach with these favorite ab exercises for women. This routine will get you tight and toned in just weeks!

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Madison Ertle says:

Can we please get your website back!!! Best workout plan ever, worked so well for me and now it is gone!

Tim Ford says:

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Artem Kalenchuk says:

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JAC says:

You need some inspirational pictures in the background, like an Eagle soaring over a mountain of Mashed Potatoes or maybe a Guy fishing wearing a motorcycle helmet, just ideas I am not a professional art guy.

Jojo Olsen says:

Thankx for the video

Claudia Migneco says:

Is that the power block weight?

Mellisa R. Goodman says:

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pr3pi3 says:

What do you call that weight you are using?

M Le says:

Love this video! Simple & Effective 🙂 Thanks

MrHobbes2010 says:

Its a shame that people don't respect the fact that you put a lot of work into your video series, instead posting random comments. I say thanks. Your vids are awesome.

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