The 5 Best Upper Ab Exercises

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Try these 5 upper ab exercises and results will be there.

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Unweildlychain 67 says:

Is this just for women?

D- Ace2002 says:

Already seeing change


Maam will it help to reduce fat?

ramit saha says:

kitna din me ayega????

Bob Green says:

I was looking for a upper ab workout because that's the part that shows first

Naksha Nakshathra Madival says:

Its to haRd

Tuấn Trần says:

Wil these work outs work for man, because i am an overweight guy !

Kaleem_ 4 says:

Guys does this work

Genesisiliana says:

What are the names of these workouts

Thịnh Phạm says:

the video is good, but i think u should name the exercise .

zannat jihad says:

How much cal will be burnt by this excrs???pls

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