Stomach workout at home: exercise upper abdominal muscles

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This exercise targets: abdominal muscles
For this exercise, you will need: an exercise mat

Lie on your back and raise your legs to form a straight angle with your upper body. Position your feet about 50 inches apart and again form a straight angle with your feet and heels. Your arms are stretched out.

Touch your heels when you lift your upper body. Return to the starting position with your arms stretched out.

Don’t forget about the 90 degree angle in your heels — this way you will be working on your legs too.
Breathe out during the effort or lifting portion and breathe in during the lowering phase.
If you want to make exercise more advanced, use very light dumbbells or even better, perform it very slowly.

Beginners: 10 repetitions
Intermediate level: 15 repetitions
Advanced level: 20 repetitions

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