Standing Abs Workout – 10 Minutes of Standing Only Abs Exercises

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This standing abs workout helps you flatten your belly and increase the strength of your abs. By doing standing exercises you will minimize the stress on your body and use your abs from a different angle, making it more effective.

The workout consists of one set of 5 exercises that are repeated twice. There is no water break in this workout.

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tifitness 1 says:

Thanks again.


Great vid
Thank you

Reyansh Verma says:

Can I do this exercise after c -section's 4 month ..I m not doin anything n getting fat..which excercise is best for me

LunaHorseGamer says:

some good moves that I had never done before

lauren bo says:

great workout!

donna Williams says:

Love standing abs

Roger Foxwell says:

Thanks, great for getting off the couch yet can still watch tv! No excuses 😀

Daiana Silva says:

Great workout as always! My low back hurts with the regular abs, so this standing abs was perfect for me! Thank you Marischa!

Stardustbeauty88 says:

Love it hun!!! It has been really hard for me to continue working out after my dad passed away on July 22nd. Before that I was doing your workout videos daily and seeing great results thanks to you. But I had a major set back in my fitness due to the grief of loosing my dad. But I have done a couple workouts a week and now up to 5 times a week again. I want to thank you for your videos. You are so inspiring and help me to continue on my fitness journey. Your the best!!!!! <3

Healthy Living says:

super .. 🙂

knucklesglam7 says:

could you recommend how to get rid of inner thighs plz??

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