Standing Ab Workout at Home – 20 Minute Standing Ab Exercises To Lose Belly Fat – No Equipment

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Lose belly fat with this standing ab workout that is very effective and takes only 20 minutes. No Equipment is needed, and you will do exactly 10 different ab exercises that will be easy to follow along at home. All exercises will be done while you are standing, so no ground exercises at all.

The workout consists of 10 exercises that is repeated once, resulting in a 2 x 10-minute workout. Halfway you will get a short water break.

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Tracy Chester says:

sweated my face n body off with this excercise… My pedometer only showed I burned 45 cals instead though. I got it from my insurance company in the mail 2 yrs ago. Maybe the battery is weak. Whoo… gonna take a cool shower. Great workout to get the heart pumping.:)

Tracy Chester says:

got up this morning after 6 am and did day 1 of my 28 day plank challenge and just finished this fabulous workout. Made me sweat like crazy even though I am not as flexible as u n couldnt reach my On to some walking workouts now… yer the greatest Marischa !! lovin yer workouts.:)

Shaughne Gonzalez says:

GREAT W/O 😄 thx so much!

MrsLoewen0777 says:

I absolutely have fallen in love with your workouts. You are the only YouTube channel i watch to work out to. And you kick my ass every time !!!!!! I’m always feeling accomplished thank you for sharing your knowledge and awesome Workouts

lauren bo says:

i loved this workout!!!!!!!!!!!! New fave!

MrDeebr says:

More of these videos please. Awesome workout 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

alyssa says:

This is one of my favorite work outs of yours. I have done it a bunch of times. Keep making videos, I do them almost every day! Thank you, you are awesome and so sweet and strong! <3

N S says:

Felt the lumberjacks😄A little challenging but, all in all, an excellent routine. Like Marischa's no-nonsense personality.

Kanzee says:

wow…your workouts always get my good heart , working good.
Thank you Marischa , for another great vid. cheers

Sartis3rdElement says:

I like how you are helping people incorporate fitness at home. Great job. Fitness, good living and thinking is a lifestyle.

Rose Zoya says:

I m gonna try this wo 😍😍

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