Sixpack – How To Really Get One

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Sixpack – How To Really Get One
The honest truth.

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A good friend of mine used to tell me that having a sixpack is all about genetics.
Meaning I just need to be happy having a one pack, man.
Welp, it really seems that I’ve won the genetic lottery then.
Little did I know, that some years fast forward, I finally see a full sixpack in the mirror.

But how did I get mine and how can you get yours?

1. Pay attention to your nutrition.
You have to realize that sixpacks are made in the kitchen.
You can’t put out a fire while pouring oil on it.
Pay attention to your nutrition.
Eat whole, un-processed plant foods.

1. Follow a proper workout schedule.
The best workout for a sixpack is ,based on my experience, a whole body workout, focusing on heavy compound exercises.
And even then it usually takes years of training until the sixpack slowly fades in.
Everyone that is telling you that they got a sixpack by doing this magic exercise or swallowing this magic pill, is just, sorry to tell you, straight up lying in your face.

3. Don’t worry about genetics. Do your best.
Yes, you may not be able to get a well developed eight pack.
There’s a genetic part to it.
You can’t decide if you’re sixpack will be symmetrically.
You can’t choose if you get a sixpack or an eight pack.
But the truth is, once your abs are revealed, nobody really cares.
And those that do care about your minor flaws, don’t matter.

Thank you for your time and thank you for your trust. I hope you have a great day. 🙂

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Vaas says:

Have you tried ASMR? This is relaxing

Drip Drop says:

Calories don’t matter bruh, it’s the sugar that fuck you up

Hypercube says:

I played a lot of football when young and we did a lot of ab exercises i believe this + running around all day burning fat helped develop nice abs for me.

Jan Hesse says:

Thank you 😍

Tim Schulte says:

nice video my friend

Carolina Rios says:

Thank you!! Good message 😃

Vaidotas Ratkus says:

Nobody realy cares… best qoute of today, I will borow it to use in everyday life. As always – quality content. Thanks!

Eelke Aptroot says:

Core and compound drills can both have their place, but you're right visible abs is all about body fat% so it's mainly nutrition.

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