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ABS Training – ‘Crunch Exercise’ on Ball
Easy way to improve YOUR ABS at your Home!
*For great Home Exercises check out the link below:

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*In this video you can see a great ABS Exercise and all you need is a cheap Fitness Ball!

**I used a 22lb weight too, but this is optional. Initially I recommend that you perform the exercise without weight, only with the ball. The ball promotes greater instability of your body. this makes your Abs use more muscle fibers to stabilize the movement to better results.

## If you want a Six Pack ABS follow these steps:

00:18 – Material – A Fitness Ball and a Weight.

00:30 – Positioning – Sit on the ball allowing its own weight to stabilize. ‘Lie down’ on the ball. Support your back on it like a bow, this increases the range of motion. Done so keep your feet apart flat on the floor and squeeze your glutes for greater safety.

00:40 – ‘Crunch’ – Perform the contraction of the ABS. NOTE: Focus maximum effort on your Abs and not the neck. Look at some fixed point that helps you focus on the move. On the descent phase (Stretching) keep your abs contracted don´t relax! Remeber you want Six Pack Abs!! Make four series with 15 to 20 repetitions.

01:13 – Output – Hold the Abs still contracted to not get out of balance. Think about your safety Always.

01:29 – If you want to see more Ftiness exercises at Home.

01:42 – My evolution 200 to 150lb with Diet and Exercises at home.

***Following this steps you are ready to improve your training ABS routine.

****Please don´t forget your Diet! To get a Six Pack ABS you have to do a low calories Diet! The results will be amazing!! Have patience, dedication and most importantly, FOCUS! Your dreams will come true for sure!

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