Six pack vs Eight pack vs Ten Pack – Best ABS

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Lazaк Angelov Vs Ulisses Jr vs Mohamed Ali – motivation

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Footage from:
Ulisses Jr

Ulisses Jr Motivation 2016
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Lazar Angelov Chest/Back Workout Shredded Aesthetics Back Workout lazar angelov training lazar angelov workout Lazar Angelov & Yanita #BeautyAndTheBeast Workout Lazar Angelov: Abs Workout Lazar Angelov Chest Workout Video lazar angelov workout biceps lazar angelov & yanita lazar angelov vs ulisses jr
lazar angelov interview ЛАЗАР АНГЕЛОВ “ПРИШЛО ВРЕМЯ ЭСТЕТИКИ” Lazar Angelov vs Sergi Constance – Aesthetic Motivation Lazar Angelov’s Before/After Body Transformation Video Lazar Angelov – Unstoppable | Aesthetic & Fitness Motivation
Zac Aynsley vs Lazar Angelov – Aesthetic Motivation

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Gamer Pro967 says:

looks like a bunch of corn man, get it!!

Nathanael Messina says:

I have 9 pack

Enga Fanai says:

Six pack look nice

S.H Lyrics says:

:-: I got a 4 pack fuck u guys

Artur Hatwig Piper says:

ok this is gay as fuck

Domo Daso says:

Am i the only one who thinks 10 pack is a bit weird and scary

anonymus :v says:

I have a 12 pack :v

Carlos Valer says:

No recuerdo esto de mis clases de anatomia en la facultad de medicina

Great Chungus says:

Google: im gay?

Freire says:

i'm have 8 pack

Fahim Shirzad says:

Muhammad Ali says:

the 8 it's the best but you can see better 8 pack in the youtube his 8 pakcs in not like me my packs better

ItsBiak says:

wow they didn't even include 4 pack I have a 4 pack T_T


I already got 8 packs lol..😁🤘

AMYAS Seek Truth says:

I have a 1 pack…. beer belly. Started training 4 days ago.
let's see after 2 years – 106kg

Ties Booij says:

I have 4 pack ahahhaha

Muhammad Abdullah Warraich says:

10 and 6 are best

Fahim Shirzad says:

Turkeylegs83 says:

at 2:22 I think that ten pack was just painted on their

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