Six pack in 3 Months (8 minutes) a day

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get a six pack in 3 moths

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Collin Sullivan says:

What am I watching

Rehan khan says:

Ok I'm start this from now . i meet u after 3 month if this work i comment here positive plzz everyone say good luck to me

king death says:

I can't get up from the damn bed 😂

Alex Last Name says:

Does this workout also target lower abs?

Tallu Peck says:

how do es anyone get a six pack in "3 moths"

Chris CUka says:

I started Today i will Upload every Day !

Swipe Vlogs says:

Okay I’ll start doing this. Give an update every two weeks to update (I’m doing in 3x per day btw)

Ciaran W says:

Starting now for summer

SepeZz says:

can't wait to get a 6 pack in just 3 moths. moths are so small when u doing this workout

CHUNKEY ruben says:

Yo, Imma try and do this 4 times a week with my normal workout routine, tryna build them abs up for the summer, haven't done ab workout for like 6 months, hopefully I build my shiz up
I'm 16 btw and was wondering I made a vid /time-lapse kinda thang would you guys watch it?

Steve Jobs says:

It works but doesn't get lower abs. And I genetically can get lower abs this just doesn't work them enough so watch a different vid for lowers

VM7 Production says:

Thnx it really work

Josh Walker says:

In three months ill be back to give you guys the results and ill give updates.

Niarretoeg Leehw CIPE says:

I enhance the workout by watching it at 0.25 speed.

Reece Dillon says:

I will go do this for 3 months and keep you updated every week

Prince Pittman says:

Ok i thought this was to give meva six pack i got a 4 pack in 3 weeks and now 1 month later i got a six pack and omg after 3 month i got a 8 pack

The ColorDinosaur says:

Looks like he has a big dick an hes playing with it

Saša Šoštarić says:

Hello the greatest success that i've ever had was by following the Toms Magic Shortcut (just google it) – I found it the no.1 resource i've tried.

Luckii DQ says:

Im trying to gets abs by november for 20 bucks been doing this for a bit and it doesnt have that good masochist burn anymore

Dbz super fans says:

What the damn hell!!!! That's great

Monkey D. Luffy says:

The first one hurt my throat

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