Six Pack Attack Ab Workout with Jeff Seid

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This is just a sample ab workout I do. Full ab workout and many more at:

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Track: Deorro – Five Hours

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Tim S says:

Anyone still viewing this for motivation?

jon rise of aesthetics says:

my name jeff lol respect

Mister Hacker says:

hey jeff can you add another abs video ?

Weichi Zhao says:

I really enjoy the muziiiiii

오메가빈그릇 says:

자세는 참 엉망인데 몸은 진짜 좋단 말이야 ㅋ

miketalife says:


XxGeorge_CatorcexX says:

It's funny how they cut off the other guy just to record jeff😂

Curtis Weber says:

I find this 6 pack abs guide “suza great plan” (Google it) extremely excessive. To shed your weight and make your belly six-pack it is very helpful book I think. I almost drop 3 pounds weight with in Ten days. It`s very useful to me, I`ve got Six pack abs following this guide step-by-step. You should try this book too.

max_g4me says:

chill ma bruder ja mit deinen 12 einhalb jagen jaa

Pyrodlt hhh says:

Do you think it's possible without steroids ?

Miroslav Dimitrov says:


Ryder says:

lol that retard on the ball

David SMG says:

First Music ?

Ludwig Martinez says:

three days a week??????


nicee video

RobinYourHood 18 says:

You have shit form but good genetics

Bruno Marchionno fitness says:

saludos desde argentina..arnlod y vos son mis idolos..mis deseos es formar parte de team shaped

Javier Navarro says:

Hi Jeff; how many reps? x how many?

Joshua Haskins says:

needs a haircut

Justin Spies says:

what is that song

sandeep kesy says:

gonna try this for sure

Roderik Baltussen says:

To become like this you will need:

More then 5 AAS cures and after that a shit load of hgh.

Look it up thank me later this is absolute not possible when some1 is natural.

Matt Demon says:

Anyone knows which song is in the background?


Guys i need help.. Am doing leg raises with weights but everyone says to me don't do it with weights and im thinking why not? Normal leg lifts are just too easy i need to fatigue my muscles right,

choi hyun yoo says:

i want six packs abs just like you sir jeff , so you my idol..

choi hyun yoo says:

how many set up to get six packs abs in a proper workout sir jeff?

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