Six Pack Abs Workout for Women

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The killer abs workout presented in this video has 5 intense circuits. Don’t be upset if you can’t do all of them. Beginners do 20 minutes (2 sets) and work your way up to 40 then 60 minutes. The exercises included are:

Circuit 1:

– Medicine Ball Crunch
– Stability Ball Crunch
– Stability Ball Jackknife

Circuit 2:

– Skipping
– Running High Knee
– Plank

Circuit 3:

– Mountain Climber Crossover
– Stability Ball Plank Touchdown
– Russian Twist
– Sprint
– Walking

Circuit 4:

– Side-plank with Crunch
– Medicine Ball V-up
– Pank Twist

Circuit 5:

– Lateral Hop
– Burpee
– Squar Jump

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