SIX PACK ABS Workout for WOMEN – 4 Killer Ab Exercises for a Sexy Core!!

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Get a girly six pack

Think you can’t get six pack abs? Think again! This week Athlean-XX for Women brings you an incredible 6 pack abs workout for women with some of the most challenging abs exercises you’ve ever tried. With consistent effort and continuing to challenge yourself, these core exercises will help you sculpt a lean, sexy 6 pack.

In this ab workout for women, we’ve got an upper abs workout, lower ab workout and oblique exercises all incorporated into one 10 minute abs workout. These are four of the most challenging ab exercises you’ve ever tried in circuit form. This is simply the best ab workout you can do if what you’re looking for is a six pack abs workout for women.

1) Knee tuck pushup. The first core exercise incorporates pushups plus knee a tuck which really challenges the core, especially the lower abs.

2) Leg Lifts — These are also perfect for targeting the lower abs and incorporate the rectus abdominus as well.

3) Hanging Leg Raises — This ab exercise incorporates the strength of your whole core. Try to bring knees all the way up to your chin without swinging too much.

4) Dragonfly — Like a plank exercise on steroids ,you definitely need strong abs to do this one! Straighten your body as you lower down all in one piece without bending the body. Squeeze butt and lower back muscles.

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Donna Callihan says:

Can't wait to try this

Danniekitten says:

i love your videos, and I def need help for the lower belly, more definition, but I am no where near a bar,,what would the alternatives to this be? thx!

Madeleinespiritlove says:

awsome! thank you!

Jess from Athlean-XX says:

If any of you are finding these moves too challenging for your current fitness level just let me know and I can film another one showing basic core training moves for beginners

lol7kami says:

Too hard I cannot. Do it

xenitsu00 says:

1:25 target and tone that lower belly cooch area

Ninfa Renteria says:

awesome…will do!

ATHLEAN-X™ says:

I love that you can do these anywhere (sure the park/playground makes for good scenery) but all these ab exercises can be done at home with just a couch and a doorway pullup bar! Awesome stuff Jess!!

MiR!Am says:

Amazing ! Finally some real innovative/original moves 🙂

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