Six Pack Abs Workout- Do this 10 Minutes a Day

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Want six pack abs for the summer and beyond? Then do this workout everyday for 10 minutes and do it along with a plant based diet you will start seeing results in no time.For meals plans so you can get the right nutrition to go along with this workout contact Shredda at
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Nate Bell says:

Nice routine brother👍🏽💪🏽

Your Barber says:

I dont see a beginner, like myself doing this. I would like to do it, but I know its not possible.

gloomy pika says:

that's one amazing natural physique right there, very impressive 👍

YoungVano Fresh says:

That is insane fam, stay motivated

Make Money With Alex says:

I just did my workout in the park. Will put this is my routine. You got any advice on diet to gain muascle mass for the summer vibes.

JustCalisthenics says:

Killer routine!

Messi Skillschule says:

Great Routine, more abs more mass,
pm for personal mealplans – but if you wanna play the fuxxing matrix, keep it business motherfuxxers😂

Igor Belyakov says:

See Shredda putting like👍

Nikola gaming155 says:

Can u do a fat burning video

Majez tiqúe says:

Bless up…brethrens…give thanks.. Respect

J H says:

I'mma do this for the next couple months and post a follow-up. Salute 🔥🔥

Yann Hartel says:

Thx Bro good vids🤙

Mandatory Thrive says:

the shredz and TGM all ways with the calisthenics chemistry and content salute

Yonas Andom says:

Love this Video

Eastern conversation says:

First to post. Love these videos

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