Six Pack Abs | Road to the Arnold Classic Men’s Physique | Gabriel Sey

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Fifth episode of #AAA “Access All Areas”, a collaborative series with Know What Supp. In this series we’re going to be going deep in to every detail of my competition prep, so if you’re looking to compete, #AAA can act as your go-to guide.

Todays episode is on Ab Training! Find out how I train my abs, and what to avoid.
Follow me on my journey to the stage.

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Y Fish says:

Captain's chair will mostly work hip flexors over abs.

CloverPickingHarp says:

Cable crunches were a success today… I also like that decline bench crunches with a barbell extended over the head, saw that one in your other vid. Started working abs every time in the gym last three weeks. Is there a such thing as too much abs? Gonna mix those hanging knee/leg raises in. Love these vids brotha'.

jefferson leet says:

Great video bro!

Louzziej says:

Really liked this video as I just started to incorporate more ab work into my routine again. Btw is that Matt in the backround sound? ;p -Stef

Matty Cuschieri says:

Informative as always my man !

Jordan Dee says:

Great quality, editing in footage was top nouch keep it up!

Prod by Xantone says:

Im too lazy to work abs lol

Jamie Sutherland says:

I am gona steal this to start off tomorrows lower body session. I haven't found a good routine for them yet so I usually just miss them out for weeks at a time.

Hingle McCringleberry says:

Hey man, my first comment on yt ever 😀 awesome channel! Any tips on how to get rid of skin from my former fat belly. I lost 40pounds and looking really good but the effin skin on my chest just doesnt vanish. Working out about for times a week, 30 year old male. Cheers bud.

Robert Chavis says:

Excellent video. I work my abs often.

Windigo123 says:

Whats the song when it shows "The workout"??? It's awesome!!

NotoriousDan says:

Quality video man. Just wondering.. what camera do you record with? 

Maksim says:

Great video!

Baldrok says:

Great video.

Kevin Broekhuizen says:

Always Loving your vids, I wish you the best on Stage in 2 weeks ^^

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