Six-Pack Abs How To Get Them?

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Getting visible six-pack abs with doing abdominal exercises only won’t be very effective. Diet, working out and (sometimes) cardiovascular exercise are also components of getting those so much desired visible muscles.

All you HAVE to know about weight loss. Learn what you need to know in order to get six-pack abs yourself:





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Abhishek Jha says:

Hi buddy. Videos made by you are really amazing. But I wonder why don't you make videos now as all of your videos are atleast 2-3 years old. Kindly make some videos. Regards.

Connor says:

What cycle are you on, bro?

Den Yuan says:

Remember guys there are "no six pack shortcuts".

Imad Rabhi says:

Hi Jerome, I've always wanted and tried to get a V shaped body but my problem is that I have big love handles (no fat but my bone structure) so I want to know how to fill the area between them and my last, I've tried obliques exercises but no result. :

Nitish Anand says:

hi jerome how to perform abs workout in your videos you have told that abs workout needs to be done thrice in a week so my question is should it be done consecutively or alternate days

Johnny Webb says:

Hello, Jerome. I LOVE your videos, and it's a great advantage to my Martial Arts.  Unfortunately, I'm too skinny.  How could I do ab exercises when I don't need to lose weight? 

MM88 says:

250 Calories is .equivalent of 2 12 oz bottles of soda. Start drinking water and unsweetened tea instead of juice and pop will easily reduce that caloric intake.

0saleh says:

Great Channel … Thnx a lot

jonah4u says:

Hi Jerome. didnt know you Dutch. am Dutch as well but find your english channel much better than the dutch version. i even thought you american

uccio2169 says:

I love this channel!!!
I used to watch bodybuilding or calisthenic but i always thought: why not do weightlifting and bodyexercise togheter.
Who practise chalistenic dont wanna touch weights and practise bb say that you cant became big with freebody.
Im trying to start working at home as you but i still dont have a bar.

JeromeFitness says:

My opinion of using a speed rope? I'm fine with it. Be more specific. I find it a good way to do cardio and increase your coordination.

Thomas Jessop says:

What's your a pinion of using a speed rope?

Liam Gasbarro says:

Does having a six pack when u tense count as having a six pack

JeromeFitness says:

Thanks you!

Mark Loustaunau says:

That expectation and reality part was hilarious.

JeromeFitness says:

Watch the video over and over until you understand what I explain, because everything is in the video and in the links in the description that link to my website.

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