Six pack abs Dad bod diet! The secrets!

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Oh ya i forgot I do eat a apple everyday too

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I wanna be a vegetarian but chicken is just so good man it's hard

O'Xhuls says:

man you have such a chill lifestyle. i love it! what do you do for a living…this is not a date or sth just curious and how old are you. just asking for the abs thing cause i am 23 and i wanted to train aswell. cheers man…cant wait for your next video! 🙂
EDIT: i know what you mean about the food. food in germany tastes sometimes like cardboardbox. when i go to Balkan its like a whole different world

finallyanime says:

Do you wash your vegetables? Perhaps but from a different store

Ygrno says:

Im gonna eat way more chocolate now i hope ill get my first ab soon

Benjamin Lee says:

Clayton is the perfect example of showing that you don't need any fancy bullshit to get a great body. Thanks man. Your simple lifestyle is inspiring.

Dink says:

I highly recommend you to NOT drink Dasani water, they add a lot of stuff to it that you don’t want to be drinking. Trust me man just stick to Poland spring or something

Tommi lee says:

Goes to show, ppl over eat nowadays alot, you clearly do not. I am not aware of what ur health issue is, but you eat like a healty human.

OfThe Earth says:

Thanks man. I used to body build but marriage assisted in me gaining 50 pounds and I need to get back in the game.

Wheelio says:

Dude, no way. That ON Mocha Cappuccino flavor protein is legit my favorite too. I'm almost out though. So damn good.

Leon Cho says:

WATER GANG, I also fucks with only tea and kombucha

Leon Cho says:


MsMajin Cookie says:

Your body is literally my father.

TheGreatMetagod says:

Does your Dasani ever taste weird? I used to drink it all the time, but once it tasted like wood and it scared me off

Super R says:

…okay Clay's ripped as Fuck. Model man fucking model chicks and taking trips just getting home and shit.
…Good thing I'm still the shit in a Dragonball Figh… 😶"

Neightrix Prime says:

How did you know what I sound like when yelling questions at you?

TheGreatMetagod says:

😮 I can feel my muscles growing

Disband Already says:

Clayton you're literally my father

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