SIX PACK ABS | Core Workout Motivation HD

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Six pack abs workout motivation! Learn the 3 things you need to do to get and stay fit in this blog article ➞


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VAHVA Fitness says:

Thank you for watching! Here’s an article with 3 things to do to get and stay fit ➞

Reivilo says:

Hey man u really give me motivation and give so much new ways to do work out !! Thank you so much !!

selorm addipa says:

Bro what’s the name of this song ?

George Doolin says:

What are the best exercises to do to gain core definition for someone who isn't a beginner but not a expert and has average fitness??

Fuad foad says:

I’m in ❤️😱💐😘

Charlie Montero says:

Perfect Six pack

Alexandre Assunção Menezes says:

Show 🏆🎖️

Justin Gomma says:

Just wow 💙💛

stip miocic says:

Boa vahva obrigado my brother

مشاعل says:

Can you make an app for Abs 20xx,I think it's better.

Laurent Mnt says:

Inspiring. As usual. Thanks.

Lexus Marie says:

I'm on my weight loss journey and this video was great.

Andrei says:

Did you try track and field? I think you would be a good runner.

Rachel Felix says:

I came here to get motivation to go to the gym. lol Not disappointed! 💪 #oof

Sean E says:

Thx for the ideas


I really appreciate your work

Sabrina Santoriello says:

Are you a personal trainer too?

Sabrina Santoriello says:

Hi, you are very very strong!!! You are fantastic!!!!

Rae Ray says:

Such strength and beauty!

J A H M says:

Gracias a ti por mostrarnos todo….

thewylicious says:

Vahva, you have my deepest respect and awe for your dedication and art. Clearly, you are not one of the many pharmaceutically enhanced fitness coaches on YouTube. Instead, your physique is testament to a highly nutritious diet (and plausibly with vitamin/herbal supplements) and strategic exercise plan with plenty of rest.

Jeffery Miller says:

YEA< THE BEARD IS OFF!" Looking great without the beard.says the guy with ginger beard LOL. I might as well shave too!

Shane Savage says:

The most muscularly balanced body I have ever seen! Great job Eero XOXO!!!!

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