Six Pack Ab Workout For Teens

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i had to re upload this video due to some issues.

TIP: if it gets too easy try putting your hands beside your butt and then try it!

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Battle HAWK says:

I’m sticking to this

Battle HAWK says:

I’m a bit chubby recommend?

Battle HAWK says:

Fit ass me here I come

Chinmaya Naik says:

bekar video mat dalo

Blitzer says:

I have been trying lots of different workouts but feel positive about this one. I am going to start doing this workout plus use my ab wheel, do pullups, and run. IWill update weekly with results, wish me luck!

USA#1 !! says:

Why do I feel like I’ve walked into a 7-11 when this kid talks?

ridwan soobratty says:

how many days will it take to get abs if we do that everyday??

蛋陈七 says:

How to do the 4th step lol? HAHA

Brotherhood Of Steel says:

I have a high metabolism took me a few months to get a six pack but it works

skoøt says:

Patel power

Lewis brant says:

How Many Times A Day/Weeks Do You Have To Do It For?

Sponsored by Gucci says:

or go to the gym

GREEN CHLLI Entertainment says:

I can see my abs now bro . Thanks a lot

Stacy Herrera says:

How many sets do I do

Jdogkidsupa a says:

Man stfu you were born skinny those arent real hardworked abs

Bongo WillPlay says:

Well that in and out works

Lil Jetski says:

If l do that can l have 6 packs



Ezekiel Gutierrez says:

Everyday? Or multiple times a week?

Kunal Photo Editing Zone says:

Bro I'm 15 can I do this workout .And what is the diet .

MZ Channel says:

Anybody know what is Fenoboci Diet Plan about? I hear lots of people lost their weight with this popular weight loss method.

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