Six (6) pack Abs training ♦ Weider Series Tutorial – part 1

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Close ♦ W6A – Part 1 (Weider’s Program)

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Bartpolish says:

It seems like four seconds, but actually it is three, because:
e.g. ONE—–TWO—-THREE – the lines show your seconds actually, because when people say THREE, they usually stop immediately.
and here:
ZERO—–ONE—–TWO—–THREE – Four groups of lines- because when you stop your counting on three, you have ZERO that covers your last second.
It is about perception 😛
But I count ONE-TWO-THREE, but I make sure I say these words long enough to make 'em last 1 second per 1 word 🙂

TheMauriice says:

'zero… one… 'two… 'three…' I honestly think those are four seconds.

AlexanderPoland says:

Actually you should count from 0 to 3 cause if you count just 1 2 3 these are 2 seconds.

fitappy says:

As far as I know, you should keep your feet off the ground for 4,5 and 6 exercise. However, if you want to challenge yourself lift your feet off the ground for 1,2 and 3rd. Depends on your level 🙂
Some people do it over and over again and make it more difficult for themselves.

SimonStorm says:

nice video, but i've got a question, it's my 19th day and I still dont know if I should keep my second leg on the ground or up for the first and third.exercise.

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