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GET WITH THE PROGRAM at this ABS exercise works your lower abs to get it tight and stronger! Your core works like mad when you do this exercise and it is part of a workout system designed to get you more results in less time with less equipment. Get fit! Gym or No Gym! You are the machine!

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Dabney Fountain says:

Great demo.

John Andert says:

BY FAR the best breakdown of this exercise I've ever seen. Thank you!

Xis says:

thanks dude

Nitish Srivastava says:

hi jeffry i am following ur youtube regularly , one small recommendation when u r explaining the exercise pls also mention number of set need to be done also and how many times per week
Thank you

Walter Mercado says:

what is my stomach gets in the way?

hej says:

Thx alot. I've seen people leaning forward and raising their legs up meeting them in the middle, the result was bad. This way, keeping your torso steady and only raising legs like that is the way to go!

ImpossibleissNothing says:

Best explaination I've seen sobfar. Been doing these wrong for years! Thanks.

The Positive Pirate says:

Awesome great video 🙂

Rajarshi Das says:

thanx brother……[india]

jeffrey brooks says:

Thanks! There's more where this came from 🙂

61997july says:

Great video!

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