Side bends abdominal (upper abs abdomen) exercise

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3D Instructions “Alternating Curls Abs” crunch for abdominal – training and workout

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bicycle crunches are better

Vasil Borislavov says:

if you want to loose weight go and run simple as fuck
now fuck off

og8997889 says:

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Imran Ali says:

Sure is right. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming.

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Pradeepan Pradeep says:

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Lux Maharjan says:

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teun driesen says:

it depends on your body fat

vasQpr2 says:

yeah and make sure you stay hydrated

Matt Pablito says:

make sure you do it slowly

MrP.123 says:

exhale as you bring your knee up, inhale as your take it down.

Jesus Cerda says:

When do I get to see results

Nix C says:

It's easier to do this if you get used to doing around 50 sit-ups (with your hands clasped together on your chest) in a row.

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